Monday, June 23, 2014

Life when you don't trust people sucks FUKITOL pills

Doesn't that just say it all?  For the 2 years I have been working (7 1/2 years with the same company) with major pain.  I had a workers comp claim started over years ago when the pain first started, was seeing a few doctors for it only to be told after a year of therapy and acupuncture that its just "tennis elbow".  I'm sorry, I call BS!

Tennis elbow do you believe that?  I have had the same and I do mean SAME pain for over 3 has lightened up a little here and there but the pain is CONSTANT. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE I talk to about the pain I have says the SAME thing...Carpal Tunnel.  Not only carpal tunnel, but also Arthritis. So what does this mean for me?  One is correctable by having surgery done, how on Earth do you correct or decrease the pain from Arthritis? job, the only thing in the World I am very qualified for has ruined my life.  What do I do if they decide I can't do it for a living anymore? I'm scared that I will lose my job and not be able to support my kids' needs.  Raising 3 kids is a lot easier than raising 2 adults (both disabled) and 1 child (also disabled) and a husband (who doesn't work) on a small or no income.  I'm scared to death!  My stress level in the past 3 weeks has gone from 50% to 75% with a steady incline due to the recent discovery of my failing drug test for work.  Oh no drugs almost ever had a dirty test.  Wanna know the funny part?  It was for ibuprofen with codeine...not mine but my oldest son's pain meds.  So I'm fuked if they decide to fire me for a dirty test.  HOW DO I GET MYSELF INTO THIS SPOTS?  Oh yeah, my husband told me if the pain is that bad take this to help ease it...well it didn't ease the pain even a little bit.

I'm waiting to see what corporate says about my dirty test, along with my workers comp (2nd time) claim...should be interesting either way.

Oh P.S.

I have an open account in GoFundMe.  If you would like to donate for any reason, I'm hoping to raise enough money (yes but not for me) to have my dad (who I found 1 year ago) and my brother (who I found a few months ago) come visit me.  It's cheaper to have them come to me than to have my whole family go see them...and I have looked into all forms of travel from Bus, rental car, Train and Airplane.  It is a lot cheaper for them to travel to me...train is about $1500 each round trip plus hotel. I put a small cushion in there just in case they want to do some fun stuff out here with the family. Please take a look and donate if you can or spread the word so others can help.  If you were asking I would help you anyway I could.  Any money left over after the trips will be donated to another person/family in need so the money will not go to waste..  Thank you in advance!

Also, shirts are still being sold...sizes are listed on the shirt page

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